ITS General Service Level Expectations


Incident: An unplanned interruption or reduction in the quality of an IT service.

Request: A defined IT offering available for customers to request, such as a user account, computer hardware, or software installation.


The general campus Service Level Expectation (SLE) sets customer expectations for how one receives ITS services. The SLE reflects the way Information and Technology Services (ITS) does business today. This SLE describes response times for incidents and requests, prioritization of work, and the outage notification process.

Specific services may have additional levels of commitment and will be defined separately under a service-based SLE.


  • Services offered are clearly defined in the public-facing service catalog, including a description of the service, how to request the service, and how to get help with the service. The service catalog is a living document and will be continually updated as services are added or retired.
  • Outages are posted to the ITS Service Status site and communicated to campus stakeholders.
  • Services are provided in adherence to U-M Standard Practice Guide (SPG) policies and/or practice directives.
  • The party requesting a service will be responsive to inquiries and be available if needed to be present. The response and resolution expectations are based on ITS-dependent actions. Time awaiting customer response is excluded from this expectation. Customers are advised to interact with ITS in a timely manner. The urgency may be upgraded or downgraded while ITS is working on service restoration depending on an initial and continuous issue assessment, and responsiveness of the reporting person/unit.

Service Hours and Response Times

Requesting Support

Contact information and coverage hours are available on the ITS Service Center web page.

After-Hours Support

On-call support is available for critical incidents reported after normal business hours for select services. On-call support can be reached by calling the ITS Service Center (734-764-HELP) and selecting “0.”

Incident Resolution

Response and resolution times are based on business hours 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday through Friday (excluding university holidays).

Priority Description Target to Restore Services
Critical Incidents are classified as critical priority when there is a major, immediate risk to the university's ability to conduct its mission, because of disruption to users' ability to perform a function related to that mission. 4 hours
VIP Incidents By default, all faculty, and members of the "3D list" are VIP. The MiWorkspace service also gives ad-hoc customers the VIP flag, for example, the Executive Assistant or a Dean may be marked a VIP for MiWorkspace purposes. 3 business days
High Medium and Low Non-VIP Incidents All non-critical Incidents for non-VIPs should be resolved within 5 business days. 5 business days