Work Remotely

Laptops and tablets supported by MiWorkspace are designed to work off campus. Your home directory and department drives can be accessed using your device anywhere with an Internet connection. Services that are normally blocked to off-campus addresses are available.

Windows Devices

Mobile and remote technology, or DirectAccess, allows off-campus network access for Windows devices without connecting using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Troubleshooting tips for connecting to U-M services off campus

Mac Devices

Connect to the UMich VPN to access your home directory and department drives from off-campus. The UMich VPN is installed on Macs. If you are using the VPN for the first time, you may need to add it to your menu bar.

If you work with sensitive data on your Mac from off-campus, please use the VPN option called "UM Network Protection VPN Service." This VPN offers a more secure connection.

Using a VPN Connection on Mac Devices