Features & Benefits

Software & Security

  • MiWorkspace provides the software you need to work. You receive the standard software selected by your unit, plus additional software or administrative access by request and approval.
  • Regular software updates for Windows and Mac devices keep you working securely and without disruption. Prior to release, updates are tested for compatibility and performance on your device and with U-M applications.
  • MiWorkspace balances security with convenience to secure your data, devices, and personal information. IT security features are provided and adjusted as threats change. Encrypted laptops, storage for most sensitive data, security patches, and security settings help keep your data safe on and off campus.

Flexibility & Mobility

  • Stay connected on campus when moving from building to building. Devices are tested to work with campus WiFi networks, including MWireless.
  • Install MPrint printers located on campus. Learn more about MPrint, U-M's printing service. Follow Me Print is a secure and on-demand printing feature that works by swiping your Mcard on any MPrint multifunction printer.
  • Mobile and remote technology allows off-campus network access for Windows devices without connecting via U-M Virtual Private Network (VPN). Mac laptops are preconfigured to work with the U-M VPN.

Support for University & Personal Devices

  • Work with familiar IT professionals who know you and your work to answer your desktop questions. The IT professional you work with is backed by a team of Neighborhood IT staff across campus who can access shared tools, best-practices, other IT experts, and a database of knowledge.
  • Contact the ITS Service Center for help accessing U-M resources, including printing, network, and University of Michigan Google and Box accounts, from your personal devices.