Uniqnames & Passwords

ITS manages uniqnames and passwords you use to access U-M resources.

  • Getting a Uniqname
    Your uniqname is your U-M login ID. There are different processes for getting a uniqname based on your relationship to the university. Most new students and employees set up their own uniqname online as part of the acceptance or hiring process. Some follow procedures specific to their campus or are sponsored as university affiliates.
  • Your UMICH (Level-1) Password
    The UMICH (Level-1) password associated with your uniqname is used when logging in to many services throughout the university. Members of the Michigan Medicine community use their Michigan Medicine (Level-2) password with their uniqname for logging in to Michigan Medicine services.
  • Find People's Uniqnames
    You can look people up in the MCommunity Directory to find their uniqnames.
  • Two-Factor Authentication
    Two-factor authentication adds a second layer of security when you log in, keeping your account secure even if your password is stolen or compromised. The single-most important thing you can do to protect your U-M account is turn on two-factor for Weblogin. This adds security for your direct deposit information, W-2s, and other personal information in Wolverine Access, as well as for your information in Google at U-M, Box at U-M, and more.